Recent Publications by Gipson Funding Recipients

Elizabeth A. DolanSeeing Suffering in Women's Literature of the Romantic Era (Ashgate Publishing, 2008).

Jan S. FergusProvincial Readers in Eighteenth-Century England (Oxford University Press, 2006).

Scott GordonThe Power of the Passive Self in English Literature, 1640–1770(Cambridge University Press, 2005).

Scott GordonThe Practice of Quixotism: Postmodern Theory and Eighteenth-Century Women's Writing (Palgrave Mcmillan Publishing, 2006).

Monica NajarEvangelizing the South: A Social of Church and State in Early America (Oxford University Press, 2007).

James Schofield SaegerFrancisco Solano Lopez and the Ruination of Paraguay: Honor and Egocentrism (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2007). 

Jean Soderlund and Catherine Parzinsky, eds., Backcountry Crucibles: The Lehigh Valley from Settlement to Steel (Lehigh University Press, 2007).

Gipson Institute Publications

Richard K. Matthews, ed., Virtue, Corruption, and Self-Interest: Political Values in the Eighteenth Century (Bethlehem: Lehigh University Press, 1994).  Essays by Richard Matthews, Jack P. Greene, Isaac Kramnick, Albert H. Wurth, Jr., John M. Murrin, Alan Ryan, Franklin A. Kalinowski, Elizabeth Fox Genovese, Eugene D. Genovese, Michael E. Hobart, Mark A. Burkholder, and Kenneth J. Andrien. 

James Schofield Saeger, ed., Essays on Eighteenth-Century Race Relations in the Americas (Bethlehem, 1987). Essays by James Saeger, Magnus Morner, Sidney W. Mintz, Michael Greenberg, Francis Jennings, David Stineback, and Charles Gibson. 

Diane Windham Shaw, comp., Guide to the Papers of Lawrence Henry Gipson (Bethlehem, 1984). 

Stephen H. Cutcliffe, ed., Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century (Bethlehem, 1984). Essays by Stephen Cutcliffe, Arthur Donovan, Darwin H. Stapleton, and Patricia Cline Cohen. 

Ian P. H. Duffy, ed., Women and Society in the Eighteenth Century (Bethlehem, 1983). Essays by Ian Duffy, Patricia M. Spacks, Lawrence Stone, and Linda K. Kerber. 

Jan Fergus, ed., Literature and Society (Bethlehem, 1981).  Essays by Jan Fergus, Martin C. Battestin, Michael Kammen, and Frank Brady. 

James Schofield Saeger, ed., Perspectives on Revolutionary Constitutionalism.  Essays by William G. Shade, Peter Shaw, Richard B. Morris, and David Freeman Hawke. 

William G. Shade, ed., Lawrence Henry Gipson: Four Dimensions.  Essays by Lawrence Henry Gipson, Roy F. Nichols, Jackson Turner Main, William G. Shade, and Jean M. Stauffer.


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